Constitution and Rules

  1. Name: The club shall be called Worcester St John’s Cycling Club

  2. Purpose: The club is a non-profit-making organisation whose purpose is to promote the sport of cycling in and around the Worcester area and to encourage community participation in competitive, leisure and utility cycling.

  3. Standards: The club is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All club members should conduct themselves honestly, openly, fairly and with respect for all other people.

  4. Colours: The colours of the club shall be sky blue, red, black and white.

  5. Affiliations: The club may be affiliated to any national cycling or other related organisation as determined by the committee. For example: British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, Cyclists Touring Club, Audax UK, YHA and Sustrans.

  6. Membership: Membership is open to anyone interested in cycling, regardless of their sex, age, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and political or other beliefs.

    Membership consists of the following categories:

    Honorary – Elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), for current or past members who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the club or to cycling.

    Senior – Over 18 years of age

    Family – Members living at the same address as a senior member

    Junior – Under 18 years of age – half the annual membership fee

    Juvenile – Under 16 years of age – free

    Second Claim – Members of other cycling clubs affiliated to BC or CTT may apply for second claim membership by paying half the annual subscription. Second claim members are not eligible for club trophies, but may claim club medals.

Application for membership, on the official form, should be sent to the club Membership Secretary, with the annual membership fee. Membership starts from the date of application; applicants may take part in any club activity. The club committee may only refuse membership, or remove it, for reasons such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport into disrepute. If membership is refused the subscription will be returned.

The annual subscription shall be determined at the AGM. It shall be paid upon joining the club and is due for renewal on January 1st. Members who have not paid by March 1st will be deemed to have resigned from membership. Such members, on re-applying, shall pay the new member’s fee. The subscription of members joining after October 31st shall be valid for the following year.

All members joining the club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and Rules.

All members are expected to contribute to the running of the club. This may take the form of volunteering to run an event, assisting at events, e.g. marshalling, standing for an official post, or by any other means they are able to offer.

Any member resigning from the club for any reason must return any club property in their possession to a committee member.

  1. Officials: Club officials shall be elected annually by club members at the Annual General Meeting. There shall be no bar to re-election.

  2. Management: The club shall be managed by a committee comprising as a minimum: Secretary, Treasurer and three other officials. The committee may have additional officials to run club activities, for example: